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The new generation of two-cycle rammers: Only from Wacker Neuson

Two-cycle rammers by Wacker Neuson have long been the standard in the construction industry. They were developed for maximum productivity, performance and durability and are now even more powerful in the new generation. They are driven by the WM 80 engine that is specially developed by Wacker Neuson, which, thanks to its catalytic converter, falls well below all exhaust standard limits. In addition, it automatically shuts off after 10 minutes of idling, therefore saving additional fuel and emissions.
Wacker Neuson Rammer
  • Higher transport lug: Makes transporting even easier
  • High performance: High ramming frequency, strong stroke, high impact energy, faster advance travel
  • Improved four-stage air cleaner system for longer service lives
  • New ergonomic handle with sturdy protective side plate for an improved machine control and longer service life
  • Typical two-cycle: Also fully functional in any slanting position


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