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The 6088-31 7’/9″ 15.0 Amp Large Angle Grinder (Non Lock-on) delivers performance and durability for the most difficult grinding jobs. The 15 Amp, 4.2 HP motor provides high overload protection and power for the toughest jobs. The tool-free burst resistant guard allows the user to quickly adjust the guard without the use of a tool. Both a 7″ and 9″ Type 27 grinding guard are included for greater productivity.

Milwaukee 9inch Angle Grinder



  • 15.0 Amp, 4.2 HP Motor-high overload protection and power for difficult applications.
  • 6,000 RPM- optimal wheel speed for material removal.
  • Debris Baffles- protect internal components by deflecting damaging debris out of the airflow at the intake vents.
  • External Brush Doors-reduces service time by providing easy access to brushes.
  • Soft-Grip Main Handle-provides better control and comfort.
  • Tool Free, Burst Resistant Guard-quickly adjust the guard without a tool.
  • 7″ & 9″ Type 27 Guard Included- for added productivity.
  • Compatible with multiple Grinder Guards and Flanges. See cross-reference guide below.


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