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Wacker Neuson

Comfortable, Maneuverable, Precise, Reliable.

Master the challenges of your everyday work – with the powerful telehandlers from Wacker Neuson. A perfect ratio of lift height, vehicle width and engine output guarantees you a high power delivery, maximum sta bility and extreme maneuverability with all four machines. With the two new models TH408 and… Continue reading

Powerful, manoeuvrable, compact and great in off-road conditions.

Payloads of between 1000 and 2000 kg: The greater the off-road capability, the smoother the path to cost-effectiveness.

The all-wheel dumpers from Wacker Neuson “do tons”…in no time at all. State-of-the-art all-wheel drive and a practical understanding of the optimisation of the design processes are… Continue reading

Powerful, compact and excellent off-road capability.

The all-wheel dumpers from Wacker Neuson are all-rounders. Specialised for maximum transport performance, whatever the tonnage. Wacker Neuson dumpers are on top of the pile. They are efficient, robust in deployment, low on maintenance and reliable. They are specially suited to rapid, targeted material transport even on difficult and steep terrain. These… Continue reading

Powerful, compact and excellent off-road capability.

Top-class: unbeatable productivity. Unbelievable just how much it can shift in such a short time. The 9001 is a load carrier that sets new standards. With its hydrodynamic all-wheel drive, excellent off-road capability and extreme gradeability it has carved its path to the accolade of top… Continue reading

The All-Weather Machine.

Superiority that pays: with a Wacker Neuson cab dumper, the weather is always on your side. Maintain productivity when the weather makes others down tools. Earn money while others are immobilized: inclement conditions suit the cab dumper down to the ground, with its all-wheel drive, raw power, off-road capability and extreme gradeability –… Continue reading

With customized equipment. Built appropriate to need.

Maneuverable to the smallest angle. Owing to the articulated pendulum joint, the Wacker Neuson wheel loaders effortlessly master winding, narrow access ways, small spaces or storages as well as construction sites with tight work radius. Your jobs will therefore be completed extremely efficiently and within the shortest time. Continue reading