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Capable of lifitng up to 1270kg, the updated dual circuit MR1611 is a true heavyweight machine. Allied to this, is the ability to charge the configuration on site, from a basic four-pad machine lifting 320kg, all the way up to a 16-pad maximum, with many possibilities in between. Continuous 360° manual rotation is a key feature of this machine. Cable remote control is included as standard.

  • Dual, independent vacuum circuits with two vacuum reserve tanks and two non-return valves.
  • Vacuum gauge for each circuit.
  • Manual 360° lockable rotation (continuous).
  • Audio-visual low vacuum alert.
  • Cable remote control.
  • Removable lift arm extension.
  • Removable pad frame sections and pad arms.
  • Individual pads can be isolated to accommodate irregular shapes.
  • Variable number and spread of pads.
  • Reverse air flow (blow-off) vacuum pump.


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