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Geko PV (Powered Vacuum) incorporates a dual circuit battery-powered vacuum system for safety, speed and convenience. Pad spread and depth can be extended as necessary. The ideal machine for composite/unitised windows. Geko + MRT4 offers 2-in-1 versatility. The dual circuit MRT4 vacuum lifter provides one touch suction and release when used with the Geko. The MRT4 can also be easily detached to be used as a stand-alone below-the-hook lifter with 320kg capacity. GEKO MV (Manual Pump) is equipped with manually operated 3-pad suction cups.

  • Capacity 250kg.
  • Working height 2.5m
  • Extendable frame accommodates a wide variety of composite windows and glass shapes.
  • 300mm and 500mm extensions available for deep interior mullions.
  • Total width 672mm, fits through standard doorway.
  • Hydraulic lifting and tilting powered by 12v battery pack.
  • 20° powered forwards tilt head movement.
  • 30° powered backwards tilt head movement.
  • 500m powered vertical head movement.
  • 100mm lateral head movement.