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GGR Hydraulica Power Tilter

The Hydraulica is an adaptable eight pad lifter that comes with two extension arms as standard that increase the capacity from 800kg to 1000kg and offer additional stabilisation for longer loads. Powered tilting between upright and flat is also standard, together with 360° manual rotation. The fully featured Hydraulica also includes a cable remote control for suction application/release and tilting.

The Hydraulica is delivered with its own wheeled stand, which prevents damage when not in use and allows the lifter to be quickly wheeled into position when required.

  • Cable remote control.
  • Optional wheeled stand.
  • Individual pads can be isolated to accommodate irregular shapes.
  • Motor-driven tilting from vertical to horizontal.
  • Extension arms included as standard.
  • Manual 360° rotation.
  • On-board maintenance-free vacuum pump powered by 12v battery with integral charger or 110v/240v mains.
  • Auto switch to battery in event of mains failure and visual low battery warning.
  • Vacuum reserve tank.
  • Audio-visual low vacuum indication.