Ferrybridge Hire - Copy



  • Suitable for mowing on uneven terrain, high grass and green spaces.
  • Good ground contour adaptation with uniform cutting horizon.
  • Carbide undercarriage skids, screwable.
  • Height-adjustable front rubber wheels.



Working width mm 1200 1400 1600
External width mm 1450 1650 1850
M – Knife 20 24 28

3rd control circuit.
unpressurised return.
Lock for 3rd control circuit.
hand inching.
hand throttle.
Hydraulic manifold block for oil amounts above 48 l/m.
Lateral displacement 700 mm.
Wear protection.

Mulcher Model variations

    1000244217 for TH412
    operating width: 1600 mm, outer width: 1850, weight: 350 kg


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