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Multi-purpose bucket with teeth - Copy


  • Versatile in use (e.g. bucket work, levelling work, loading work).
  • Goods, such as large stones or brush, can be easily picked up and dumped by using the gripper function.
  • Can be opened for emptying, which increases the dumping height.
  • Low-wear scraping edge made of Hardox 400.

Prerequisite: 3rd control circuit.

Multi-purpose bucket with teeth Model variations

    1000241883 for TH408
    width: 1400 mm, volume: 0.44 m³, weight: 390 kg
    1000290950 for TH408, TH412
    width: 1550 mm, volume: 0.36 m³, weight: 300 kg
    1000286313 for TH522
    width: 2000 mm, volume: 0.90 m³, weight: 570 kg