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The Wacker Neuson hydraulic simply moves more.

Enlarge the field of play, make use of the manoeuverability and gain new flexibility: the key to success in the future is mobility. Speedier excavator transport under its own power: The high performance drive train and the particularly good cross-country mobility make the 95032 and the 65032 real high speed machines belonging to the fastest mobile excavators of their class: with 40 km/h top speed for the 95032 and with 30 km/h for the 65032.

This excellent performance is achieved using powerful hydraulic systems working at maximum efficiency and low fuel consumption. The 170 litre tank capacity of the 95032 and 83 litres of the 65032 guarantee an enormous radius of operation. The automotive power drive is based on car design for engineering and feeling.

Wacker Neuson 9503

Wacker Neuson Factors:

  • High speed power.
  • Closed circuit hydraulics with the best energy balance with the model 95032.
  • The diesel engines comply with all noise and exhaust standards.
  • 170 l Tank capacity model 95032. 83 l Tank capacity model 65032.


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