Ferrybridge Hire - Copy

Developed for operation on the construction site within the EC according to EN 13155.

For planer stabilized, vertical lifting and transporting manual turning through 2 x 90° manual tilting through 90°.

  • Increased safety via 2 independent vacuum circuits each vacuum circuit is designed with 2-fold safety
  • According to EN 13155 & prEN 13035-1 & prEN 13035-2.
  • Each vacuum circuit has a vacuum tank with non-return valve, vacuum switch and control vacuum meter.
  • 2 completely closed vacuum circuits prevent loss of vacuum at power failure.
  • Warning lamp and acoustic signal indicate insufficient vacuum.
  • Power failure monitoring system.
  • Multiple row arrangement of suction cups.
  • Adjustable distance between the suction cups (up to 6 suction cups) not adjustable distance between the suction cups (at more than 6 suction cups).
  • All suction cups lockable individually. Turning device ( -90°/0°/90° ) with ball bearing turning bolt and locking device.
  • Tilting device ( 0° to 90° ) with locking device every 15°.

Vacuum Generation

  • Built-in low maintenance rechargeable battery vacuum pump (dry running system ).
  • For rechargeable battery and line operation without change-over.
  • Built-in accumulator charger for charging over night,
  • No change of rechargeable battery necessary.
  • No cable – no hose.

Control Means

  • ON/OFF – directly at the device
  • SUCTION/RELEASE – via hand valve at the device. Optional via cable remote control. Optional via infrared remote control.
  • SUSPENSION – crane eye at the carrying frame.
  • SAFE WORKING LOAD – 600kg.
  • COLOUR – yellow / partly zinked.