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3 Levels of Service

1) Service Kits – Get A Service Kit Delivered.


2) Maintenance Repair – Get us out to service the Machine on site for you.


3) EquipCare – We co-operate on EquipCare, we monitor your machine with you, anticipate problems and service and manage your fleet.


Service Kits

Ferrybridge Stock and Supply Service Kits for all your Wacker Neuson Machines.

50 Hour? 500 hour?, 1500 hour?

Each service interval will have a particular kit that comes with everything that you need to keep your machinery in Top Condition.

We know what you need, so your machine will always have what it wants; Fan belt? In the box, correct size and Genuine. Sump Washer needed? In the Box.

Not overdone, not underdone, Genuine Service Kits. Wacker Neuson.

Start the Service, finish the service and get the Machine back to work.


Maintenance Repair

At Ferrybridge Hire, your machine is in the best hands, regardless of whether you have an urgent repair or an upcoming maintenance appointment, we offer you experienced technical support.

Your benefits at a glance
  • Our service technicians and assemblers are given first-class training and professional development at Wacker Neuson Academy.
  • We know our products in every detail, which is why we are able to offer a maintenance and repair service that is fast, efficient and precise.
  • We use exclusively original spare parts – to sustainably retain the value of your machine!



Make your machines talk

The communication between man and machine used to be limited to a few “phrases”. A detailed conversation though would be much more useful and could save time. Just imagine your machines would automatically provide you with information such as: Where is the big telehandler? Does the wheel loader have too long down times? And, isn’t the excavator due for maintenance soon?

This is all possible now with EquipCare. The fleet management solution developed by Wacker Neuson offers full transparency. With EquipCare, the machines automatically login on their own in case of maintenance, low levels, malfunctions, unexpected relocation, etc. – in real-time on mobile phones or PCs.

Reduce the stress level on the construction site:
  • Knowing what’s going on: If a machine fails, the technician tracks the error codes even before he leaves the shop for his way to the machine.
  • Coordination: The appointment with the service management takes place via chat.
  • Avoid unnecessary ways thanks to remote diagnostics: order specialists and spare parts as needed right away.
A new level of fleet management:
  • Optimal capacity utilization of the vehicle fleet by complete location determination and recording of operating time.
  • Increased runtime and service life thanks to proactive communication with your machines, announcements when a maintenance interval has been reached and warning function when the machine leaves the defined geozone.
  • With the help of machine management, the life cycle of each machine can be easily surveyed.