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Sweeping broom 30 dual


  • Ideal for cleaning courtyards, streets, bicycle paths, parking lots, etc.
  • Sweeping roller made of polypropylene, Ø 600 mm.
  • Dual system (dirt-collecting and also free-sweeping).
  • Roller levelling for optimal ground adaptation.
  • Individually adjustable brush roller contact pressure through variable adjustment of the brush roller by means of handwheel / crank.



Drive: Gerotor Motor – compact motor provides high torque at low rotational speed delivery.
Pivoting device: mechanically.
Collection tray emptying: hydraulic.
Wheels: heavy duty Ø 200 x 80 mm / 7.87 x 3.15 in.
Available options:
sweeping roller made of PPN Ø 600 mm / 23.62 in.
side sweeper, weight ca. 33 kg.
water spray system, weight ca. 28 kg (without water).
colour RAL2011 orange.
All options are available for all variants of the equipment from 1850 to 2600 mm working width.

Sweeping broom 30 dual Model variations

    1000316308 for TH522
    working width: 1850 mm,w/20° skew 1690 mm,
    machine width: 2170 mm,w/side brush down 2355 mm,
    weight (w/out extras) 310 kg,weight collection tray 150 kg,
    volume collection tray 340 l
    1000316321 for TH522
    working width: 2050 mm,w/20° skew 1880 mm,
    machine width: 2370 mm,w/side brush down 2555 mm,
    weight (w/out extras) 355 kg,weight collection tray 160 kg,
    volume collection tray 380 l
    1000316326 for TH522
    working width: 2300 mm,w/20° skew 2115 mm,
    machine width: 2620 mm,w/side brush down 2805 mm,
    weight (w/out extras) 410 kg,weight collection tray 170 kg,
    volume collection tray 430 l