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Capable of lifting three tonnes at 3.4m radius, the 506 is the highest capacity crane in the UNIC range.

As with all models carrying a safe load indicator, the 506’s working area limitation device allows the operator to pre-define the working area. On approaching these limits, an audible alarm is given before operation stops.

Unic URW-506 Crane

  • Capacity 3.0t x 3.4m
  • Total width 1.38m
  • Max working radius 15.5mMax boom length 15.64m
  • Diesel powered and optional mains electric
  • 3km/h running speed with 2-speed motor
  • Operator control of outrigger extension
  • Optional radio remote control with optional digital feedback display
  • Working area limitation


Unic URW-506 Specification


Unic URW-506 Point Loadings