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At 0.6m wide, the 095 is specifically designed for interior access and has the lifting capacity to deal with most loads with power to spare.

The 095 boasts unrivalled boom length and its outriggers allow independent, multi-angle configuration to match the working space available.

The 095 shares the same technical specification as the 295, though carries an overload warning device not a safe load indicator.

Unic URW-094 Crane

  • Capacity 0.995t x 3.5m
  • Total width 0.6m
  • Max working radius 8.41m
  • Max boom length 8.65m
  • Petrol powered with optional mains electric and LPG
  • Zero length increase with electric option
  • Six-position configurable outriggers
  • Intelligent voice warning system
  • Overload warning device senses outrigger displacement
  • Cable remote control


Unic URW-94 Specification


Unic URW-94 Point Loadings