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Best performance of its class.

High excavation performance even in hard to reach areas. The EZ53 is the perfect equipment for operations close to walls or buildings. The tail of the EZ53 does not reach over the undercarriage in no operating position at any time. The minimized space requirements are extremely practical on construction sites in busy city centers or on road construction sites with ongoing traffic. But not only its operating dimensions are convincing, also its material handling and digging performance are impressive.

Wacker Neuson EZ53


  • Remarkably higher engine and hydraulic performances plus reduced fuel consumption at the same time.
  • Maintenance made easy: the tiltable cabin and the removable chassis cover provide quick and easy access, diagnostic tools offer further support.
  • Perfectly equipped for multi-functional attachment tools: up to five additional control circuits with unpressurised reflux available.
  • Numerous options available ex-factory such as: overload valves, idle speed autom. operation and more.
  • Comfortable cabin.
  • Spacious cabin for sufficient space for movement.
  • Sliding windows on both sides. The front windscreen is divided in two. The lower screen slides up behind the upper, both screens can be moved under the cabin ceiling.
  • Zero tail – compact all around.
  • Zero Tail Excavator for safe operation even in narrow spaces.
  • Ideal for excavation jobs close to walls, roads, buildings or other surrounding limitations as in inner cities or busy roads.
  • Optional counterweights improve stability.
  • VDS – vertical digging system.
  • The first intelligent solution for highest efficiency of excavating jobs on sloping grounds.
  • VDS is available as an option for the EZ53.
  • VDS makes excavating particularly economical and is therefore awarded with the ECO seal.

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